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Burnley captain Ben Mee has revealed howReal Sociedad playmaker David Silva helped reassure him after the birth of his premature daughter, Olive. The Burnley centre back detailed the reassurance given to him by David Silva during prematurity day.

David Silva had gone through a similar experience when his son, Mateo was born four years ago. Mateo Silva was born five months earlier while his father was a Manchester City player and he had to watch on as his son fought for his life. According to David Silva, it was the toughest period of his life.

Statistics via The Manchester Evening News (MEN) have shown that around one in ten babies (ten per cent) survive if born22 weeks before the due date. The survival rate for those born 24 weeks before due date is around 66 per cent, while the ones born around 27 weeks before the due date have a survival rate of 89 per cent. For babies born around 31 weeks before due date have a survival rate of 95 per cent.

Burnley skipper Mee discussed prematurity and David Silva during an interview with charity Tommy’s, an organisation that funds research into premature birth, stillbirths and miscarriage.

On his daughter Olive, Mee said that she was born last year at the same weight as a tin of beans, 1lb 2oz. Mee and his wife welcomed their daughter during lockdown and she was in new-born intensive care unit (NICU) for 15 weeks.

Mee knew David Silva from his time at Manchester City as the Spaniard had just arrived from Valencia in his native Spain and he wanted reassurance from him over his situation with Olive. According to him, they met and briefly discussed at the meeting between the Premier League teams’ captains and referees. In the end, Mee was delighted that he had the premature baby conversation with the Spaniard.